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Hi, Everyone. I am Prakash from Bangalore Digital Marketing. What I am going to talk about in this article is Digital Marketing Tools. You may be a digital marketing learner or already have experience in digital marketing. This article will be useful for you.

If you are probably working in digital marketing, you are surely very familiar with digital marketing tools use tools that are so important nowadays. Digital marketing tools are doing a lot of automation work.

Let’s see about such digital marketing tools. Apart from that, I have a digital marketing agency, what tools I am using, and what kind of digital marketing tools I teach students in a digital marketing institute.

What are digital marketing tools? 

What are digital marketing tools mean? If you want to do digital marketing, you need to use tools because digital marketing has many fields, including search engine optimizationsocial media marketing, and Google Ads.

 You need to do your work effectively and quickly; then, you need to use digital marketing tools. Manual digital marketing is impossible nowadays.

For example, if you need to audit your website, you will need an SEO tool.

And even if you have to make a social media marketing post, that also needs automation. Then must-have digital marketing tools which can do your job easily and quickly. I will tell you in this article what tools I use. It will help you.

SEO Tools:

As far as Wii is concerned, you can’t do anything without tools because tools make your work easier and faster. If you use SEO tools, then your work will be very easier, and you can do a lot of work with SEO tools.

So let’s see what SEO tools I am using. I am using SEMRUSH, which is very useful for me because you can do all kinds of things with it and do a Blog content audit.

And even if you have to write any blog post, you can use the SEO Content Template tool to make your post and check how long it should be.

Also, link building strategy is very important for SEO because it is easy for end users. After all, you can easily know what kind of backlink your competitor creates and how much authority they have.

You can also use it to find out which keyboard you are currently ranking for and how yours is performing.

With SEMRUSH, You can do:

  • Website SEO Audit
  • Keyword research
  • Content length
  • Competitor Backlink 
  • Backlink strategy

Keyword Planner: 

Google keyword planner is a Google app that means if you want to advertise in Google, you can create an account in the Google domain, easily create search ads, display ads, and youtube ads, and create many types of advertisements like this.

This tool is free, so you don’t need to pay anything. Anyone can use this tool.

You can create an advertisement using these tools, and this keyword research tool is very useful for beginners. When you do local SEO, this tool is very useful for you. It is completely free. Anyone can use it.


Canva is a very important tool because social media marketing is a very important platform. You can create your own organic social media content using a lot of creativity on this platform.

When creating an organic strategy, you need many creatives, meaning if you go creative promotion, you need a lot of graphic designing.

If you need graphic designing, it will take more time to learn graphic designing, i.e., Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, and learn all this stuff.

Apart from that, Canva makes it easy to do almost anything you can do using this graphic design tool.

Because Canva has a lot of templates, you can create any type of social media post using Canva e.g.

  • Facebook post
  • instagram posts and reels
  • linkedin post
  • youtube thumbnail
  • youtube cover photo
  • Facebook cover photo
  • etc

You can easily find templates for all types of posts in Canva, which you can use to match your social media marketing creative perfectly, and Canva also provides you with automation.

What is automation?

That means if you want to create a post for 30 days, you have to sit down and upload it every day, and some days can’t upload it because sometimes I’m too busy. So if that’s the case, you can create your social media marketing post for 30 days on Canva. Your work will be done easily through automation; as I have said before, use marketing tools to make your work easy and quick.


Grammarly is an important Digital marketing tool because the content is very important; in other words, digital marketing is content marketing. So if we need to write or present each piece of content very clearly, then the Grammarly tool will be useful.

How is Grammarly useful for us?

If you are creating a blog post, you will make many grammar mistakes, so using this Grammarly tool will clear all the mistakes and give you beautiful content in your hand.

As you know, the blog post is not easy to create content and rank it. Then if you use Grammarly and make your content worthy to read

Mail chimp:

Email marketing is a very important type of marketing. With email marketing, you can reach a lot of people using mail. It means you can easily send bulk mail using this email marketing tool.

Conclusion About Digital Marketing Tools:

Okay, now that’s the end; what can I say? Without digital marketing tools, you can’t be a good digital marketer, so you need to be a good digital marketer and then learn digital marketing tools. Everything is automated today. If you like this article, you can take my digital marketing service, or if you want to study a digital marketing course, also contact us

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