Hi, Everyone. I am Prakash from Bangalore Digital Marketing. In this article, I will tell you that you may think you need to become an excellent digital marketer, but you may need to learn how to do it. In this article, I am giving you the way to do it. You may be a student or a digital marketing job seeker. Or you may think that you can earn by doing digital marketing, or you may start a blog and start making money from it, or you may be a housewife. Either way, this article will give you a clear explanation of how you can become a digital marketer. Let’s go into deep dive in a tips.

Who is digital marketer and what they do

First, you must know who a digital marketer is. Then only you can become a complete digital marketer. You must understand what they do in digital marketing because many platforms are available, like Social media marketers, content marketers, SEO specialists and Digital marketing managers.

You need to know what type of digital marketing you want to become and have a clear idea before you start learning it.

Well, what do digital marketers do?

A digital marketer must do all kinds of marketing activities like writing content, creating strategy, closing client deals, etc.

12 Steps Become Digital Marketer in India

Now that you understand what digital marketers do, I will give you a step-by-step tip if you want to become a well-versed digital marketer.

Choose Your Interest In Digital Marketing

As far as digital marketing is interested, there are many branches, and you have to decide which digital marketing field you want to shine in. It is impossible to learn and master everything, so initially, you focus on one or two platforms and get good at them, then focus on others. For example, you become a good SEO Expert. First, start a website, implement it, and learn SEO independently. In this way, you can understand each concept practically and become a digital marketer.

It is effortless to learn one skill first and then learn another skill, and after you master one skill, it will be helpful for you to build another branch.

There is a wide variety of digital marketing specialties available to you, including:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Build Your Digital Marketing basic Knowledge

As I already said, there are many platforms in digital marketing. You can start digital marketing on any forum you want. Still, it would help if you had a basic knowledge of digital marketing because I have seen many people who need to learn the basic knowledge and someone who knows it very well.

Once you know digital marketing basics strongly, you can go to the next level in digital marketing.

If you have strong foundation skills in digital marketing, then you can experiment with a lot of skills by your hand, and you can become an excellent digital marketer in India

Build a Digital Marketing Portfolio

To become an excellent digital marketer, you must have a decent digital marketing portfolio because You want to become a freelance digital marketer. Of course, the client will ask if you have achieved anything previously, so you should create a digital marketing portfolio. Show your digital marketing achievements to clients because every client wants to know what you earned previously in digital marketing.

Take a Course or Get a Certificate

You can even study any course to become a digital marketer because if you learn a certification course from an expert, you can know very clearly. Then you will learn digital marketing in a structured way, i.e., where to start digital marketing and what to study step by step. A digital marketer will tell you what to look for.

In that case, please study a good online or offline digital marketing course.

Choose a good institute and complete the certification course. It will surely help you.

Make Experience and implement With Cheap Freelancing

You can take digital marketing freelance work and do it at a light cost and learn a lot.

If you are a digital marketing freelancer and your freelancing charge is high, then surely they won’t give you the job; that’s why I tell you to do it at a low price and implement something in the right way so you can learn and gain experience.

Learn How to use Digital Marketing Tools

Learning digital marketing tools is also essential. Do you know that today’s digital and social media marketers can’t do any work without digital marketing tools because digital marketing tools play a significant role?

So learn and master all types of tools to easily and quickly complete your work.

Develop Your Marketing Resume

Suppose you want to get a good digital marketing job. In that case, you need a good resume, and not only that, anyone can become a digital marketer whether they are freelancing or freelancing.

If you are a freelancer, you need a portfolio, or if you want a job, then you need a resume, which should be good.

So make sure you build a good and neat resume that will clearly understand who you are and what your skills are

Build a digital marketing blog

Do you want to become a fantastic expert in digital marketing? The great thing is to start a digital marketing blog yourself and try applying all kinds of digital marketing to it.

In a digital marketing blog, you can practice SEO, social media marketing, and all kinds of Google advertising.

Not only will you get practical experience through this, but it will also become a battleground for you.

So start a digital marketing blog, learn a topic a day and blog about what you learn, and let everyone know who you are, and you’ll get free traffic through SEO.

Develop your personal brand

To become an excellent digital marketer, you must create a personal brand. Well, what is a unique brand? You have seen many digital marketers promoting their own name, which is what a personal brand is.

Let’s say Nile Petal, for example, started his blog in his name. Today he has become a known digital marketer all over the world. It is a Personal Brand.

Ok, how to build a personal brand? If you want to make a personal brand, start a youtube channel. That’s a good way, Else begin a blog. If not, you can create a unique brand on instagram. It’s a good platform.

Try Digital Marketing Internship

And one way to become a digital marketer is to try a digital marketing internship. You will learn a lot in a digital marketing internship and get to work with a digital marketing expert. Digital marketing is essential for a Fresher.

Learn from Mistakes

And one crucial task is Learn from Mistakes, which means that as a beginner, you will make many mistakes in digital marketing. Still, it would be best to stop regretting that you have made mistakes and think about what you have learned from them because all digital marketers have definitely made mistakes. Everyone knows by making mistakes, so remember and deliver. Don’t be tired, and keep learning.

What are the skills required to become digital marketer

As far as digital marketing skills are concerned, this is what you should learn; I will not say anything that you should not know; you should learn all the platforms in digital marketing, and only then can you become an excellent digital marketer.

Well, now let’s see what skills need. First, you must have to learn how to design a wordpress website.

  • SEO


I understand your question. I don’t have Experience in digital marketing. How can I work as an Expert in digital marketing? I will tell you only one thing: no field can become an expert without Experience, so you need to learn a lot from the basics to understand. Only then can you become an expert?

Don’t regret your lack of Experience; nothing is scary and frustrating at the beginning. As you slowly learn and practice, you are more likely to become an expert. So stop regretting and start your digital marketing journey today.

Anyone can become a digital marketing expert, but it requires proper training and reasonable effort, try, and you can become a digital marketer.


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