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PPC is another form of search engine marketing PPC handle to advertise your services or product in various search engines. you can reach new consumers and getting instant calls and leads after setup campaigns within an hour. we do result driven PPC services in Bangalore our PPC experts will implement all strategy that is going to convert traffic and sales.

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Google Adwords Company in Bangalore

You can test all the keywords in the PPC ads and then apply them to your SEO strategies so that you get the best results in the long-term process.

Running an online business is a very challenging task we need to expand our online presence and increasing unpaid results is a very difficult task it will take a lot of hard work like proper SEO strategy and a certain period of time to shine organically in search engines. online users and buyers are increasing more and more we can’t reach them with search engine results because every business might be target those keywords to stand their position and it has huge demand and equal competition. In such a case, PPC will help to solve this problem and grab potential audiences to your website.


Pay-Per-Click is an efficient advertisement tactic; these ads directly reach potential clients and bring instant results. These ads target those people who are searching for your products or services.


These ads increase the clicks on the website, which will bring higher traffic to your website. Once you start getting visitors to your website, engagement will also increase, and eventually, your website will start ranking on SERP.


PPC will help you reach more people and stand out from the competition and help reach more potential clients and bring conversions. This will directly contribute to your revenue, and hence your profit will also increase.


Business is about selling and building your brand, which can only be done if your audience knows and understands you better. Because if they know you, they will surely prefer to purchase from you instead of going to someone else. And if your brand is recognized, word of mouth also works more efficiently at that time.


This is one of the most significant plus points of the PPC to regard your customers. Because only 4.40% of people convert out of 100%, this PPC gives you the authority to retarget those 95% potential people again. This retargeting process brings more conversions and also increases brand awareness.


This PPC has a different analysis tool that analyzes your ads and gives you better and more effective results. Ads don’t run perfectly the first time, and you need a better analyzing tool to optimize them and make them work more efficiently.



A branding campaign is marketing in third party websites like display banner ads in youtube or displays banner ads any niche website related to your industry in this way increase branding awareness to any new product or company. branding campaigns are Display ads, Mobile marketing, Video marketing, Remarketing.

we provide pay per click services that grabs new customers very instant. once set up your ad campaign will run on various search engines like google and bing immediately grab high-quality traffic. we do google shopping ads to run e-commerce business successfully online. we assign ad specialists for you we identify keyword and analyze competition then create an ad.

we monetize your ad and optimize your campaign based on performance. we trace your ad performance and prepare monthly reports.

Direct marketing campaign: we can do a marketing campaign like PPC and shopping ads we are going connect to the customer directly.

what is paid advertising?

In simple terms, paid advertising is to bring traffic and leads by investing money like google ads.

why we need paid advertising instead of SEO?
yes may think we can do SEO instead of PPC but Once we assign SEO Services for you we need to spend time minimum 3 to 6 month and hard work, we cant guaranteed SEO results will come for that reason we recommend to our client do pay advertisement.

Advantages of Google Adwords:
Direct campaign or branding campaign both way you can reach the target audience.
We can measure instant results for any business.
We can create effective brand awareness.
We can reach the audience in all devices like mobile, tablet or desktop.
We can trace the results and ROI..

Our process
Once we meet you we will ask some questions related to goal and business. we try to gather all information about business then we do business analysis.

we will focus on target audience geography wise like the city, state or country.

The goal of a campaign like you want to promote branding or generate traffic and leads. some clients approach our e-commerce sales, increase number of mobile apps installs or advertise on youtube.

Our process may vary depends on your goal and targets we will help you control the budget, target regions, measure ROI and sales.

Types of PPC

Search ads
Display ads
Remarketing ads
Google shopping ads
Local service ads(google my business)
Video campaign
App campaign
Gmail sponsored promotions

Projects completed
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