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Are you a passionate writer, undiscovered yet by the world? Or are you a seasoned one seeking to expand your audience and engage with like-minded individuals? Writing for Digital Marketing is a great opportunity to display your expertise and establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your field.

Whether you’re an expert in technology, business, health, lifestyle, or any other domain, your voice will resound and resonate among audiences with a thirst for your diverse perspectives.When you submit a guest post, apart from winning our goodwill, you get diverse digital marketing exposure via our social media channels and websites.

When You Submit a Guest Post, You Benefit

Wait a minute! Why should you invest your time, resources and effort in guest posting on some other site? Before proceeding any further, please check out how you will benefit.

  1. By contributing to Bangalore Digital Marketing, you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.
  2. Expand your reach and network across diverse domains when you submit a guest post.
  3. Enjoy increased traffic to your own website or blog, greater visibility and valuable connections with fellow professionals.
  4. Find fulfilment in making meaningful contributions to the digital discourse when you write for us.
  5. Experience win-win where we get good content to attract like-minded individuals and you get exposure and influence in your industry, domain, theme and profession.

Content Guidelines (Guest Post)

It is the high quality of content that makes our platform stand apart from the rest. To maintain this lofty standard, we seek well-researched and insightful articles. Whether you’re exploring the latest trends, answering burning questions, sharing expert tips, or analysing case studies, we encourage your originality, depth, and relevance when you submit a guest post. Here are guidelines to help enhance the chances of getting published with us:


  1. Submit a guest post of approximately 1500 words, preferably with actionable tips, formatted for easy readability, and accompanied by high-quality visuals.
  2. Please submit a guest post that is completely original and unpublished. Plagiarism and duplication are red flags not only on our site but also for any successful career in writing.
  3. Ensure that your content is supported by credible research or case studies linked within your post. Refrain from referencing competitors and avoid including unrelated promotional links to external websites.
  4. Take care to include only original photographs. Please do not use stock images that do not add much value to the post.
  5. Include subheadings, bulleted points and multiple paragraphs that increase the ease of reading.

Writing Tips

Crafting compelling content is an art and a science. That is why it cannot be taught and your unique style and perspective matters. But there are some basics worth reminding:

  1. Start by understanding your audience – what challenges do they face, and how can your insights provide solutions?
  2. Structure your article with a captivating introduction, informative body, and thought-provoking conclusion.
  3. Use clear language, concise explanations, and real-life examples to make your content accessible and engaging across various domains.

Topics We Cover

The short answer is – most of the themes under the sun that enhance professional excellence!

The major section of our audience is composed of individuals and teams from various industries and organizations keen to discover tips, best practices, and guides on a range of themes and topics. Our goal is to build a reputed library of information and insights and your goal should also be the same so that they are impressed and become your fans! We definitely have a preference for digital marketing themes for that is what we specialise in as well and have a large clientele and reader base that would be ready takers. Here is a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of topics:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies
  2. Social Media Marketing Best Practices
  3. Content Marketing Tips and Techniques
  4. Email Marketing Insights and Innovations
  5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Tactics
  6. Website Design and User Experience (UX) Optimization
  7. Data Analytics and Marketing Insights
  8. Mobile Marketing Trends and Technologies
  9. Video Marketing Strategies and Success Stories
  10. Influencer Marketing Case Studies
  11. Local SEO Strategies for Bangalore Businesses
  12. E-commerce Marketing Strategies for Bangalore Market
  13. B2B Marketing Trends and Innovations
  14. Branding and Identity Development in the Digital Age
  15. Emerging Technologies Impacting Digital Marketing in Bangalore

You may kindly refer to existing posts on our extensive site to better understand and discover more topics, layouts, language, and tone that we prefer.

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