What is SEO in digital marketing

In this post, I will clarify to you what SEO is in digital marketing. This post entirely dedicated to beginners, business owners, and those who are planning to start a carrier in digital marketing?

This post will clarify all your doubts about related SEO Topics in digital marketing.


First of all, we should know about a search engine because of any product or information people search any websites in online. That website will list all data and information.

For Example, a library has many books; every book has a lot of categories, now you want any particular books you don’t search all books right.

Every book has book names, topics, and a list of content to quickly find the books you want.

Librarian will organize all books properly so you can easily find them.

When you ask for books from a librarian, he will not directly find particular books and didn’t give them to you. Because librarians maintain some data, they retain one notebook to keep all databases on my college days. 

On that database, they wrote all details On which rack, shelf, and order on that book and now that book is available, or someone already picks.

In this way, librarian maintains all database and serve better for students.

Some students will be disappointed. Suppose the librarian will delay serving you, and suppose the librarian will give you another book, you will get angry.

This Example will suit search engines also. Consider Google as a librarian and students as searchers.

90% of people can’t purchase any products without google help, so we can’t do anything without search engines.

There are many search engines available, but people consider google is the first choice for search. When you ask anything, google(voice search are future) immediately finds some data, and they list the top 10 relevant results for you.


Generally, Search engine optimization produces two types of results.

Now I am going to search for the nearest cake shop. Google will produce two types of results: PPC ADS and ORGANIC SEO RESULTS.


Google is a popular search engine. I want to publish my products and information in this search engine, so now I will optimize my website following webmaster guidelines, do proper ON-PAGE SEO, and OFF PAGE SEO. Google will rank my website in the top 10 results.

As a beginner, you must know about this before joining any SEO Training.

But you can’t rank easily, not only google internet provides a lot of search engines every one strictly follows guidelines and algorithm to rank your website. 


In this algorithm have some rules and regulation for ranking process. The algorithm checks every aspect, like which website has all qualities and meets better user experience.

how search engine works

Google Ranking Factor:

nobody will tell you how google will rank your website because google has several factors to produce quality results. Top SEO agencies or freelancers will follow all facets to rank their websites.

In SEO, every marketer strictly practices two crucial things one is ON-PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO. On-page SEO follows h1, meta, heading, keyword and image optimization, etc. After On-page SEO, we should work on Off-page SEO like link building, forum submission, etc.

You want to rank top in google must do perfect ON-PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO Optimization, and you must travel carefully in both techniques.

Many people will do perfect website promotion, but they missed website construction like a contact page or website look and feel.

You fail these techniques, users will not spend more time on your website, and your bounce rate will increase.

Here I will share with you a significant ranking factor. Generally, Google will give you more important to your website, but Moreover, they will give more attention to every page on your website.


Your website must have perfect site architecture to avoid crawlability issues.

Internal linking:

Another important factor is internal linking; you have insufficient internal linking. Google was challenging to crawl your site.

No-follow internal link:

Make sure your website not having a no-follow link.

No-index page:

No-index page is another crawlability error to avoid best SEO Practices.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile Optimization is the most crucial Ranking factor because 60% of searches are conducted on mobile devices, making sure your website is mobile responsive.

Website loading speed:

Today’s world has a high-speed internet connection, but many mobile users have slow internet connections. In such a case, you should remove unwanted jquery or plugins to maintain a lightweight website.

Search Intent:

After submitting queries in search engines, your website doesn’t have that particular word. Google cant rank your website, so keep having search intent words.


Backlinks are a significant factor in successful ranking. In simple terms, the backlink is simply a link from one website to another.

A lot of Interesting algorithms are there when you want to rank your website SEO is enough. White hat SEO will take 5 to 6 months to stand a good position.

points to remember

  • SEO will target search results in its may target, including image search, local search, video search, and news search.
  • SEO marketing approach plays a significant part in assisting you in raising your extent to potential clients.
  • Every year search volumes increased 10%, and it’s estimated around 3.5 billion searches per day.
  • Search engines dominate google compared to Bing or Yahoo! google has a 92% market share. Maybe it will increase in the future.
  • SEO has many benefits when you provide the best content for your audience. Using the right strategy will improve SEO and generate quality leads.
  • If you concentrate on SEO exercises, you receive more visitor traffic to your site. It raises your brand awareness to promote more visitors to obtain your products/services.
  • Search engines drive unpaid results.
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