What is Google Adwords in Digital Marketing and How Does it Work?

Google Adwords is a form of online advertising, and Google offers it to display ads on the Google search engine. The main idea behind Google Ads is that the advertiser pays for ads shown on Google and the other partner websites. Advertisers often use Google Adwords to reach customers searching for their products or services online.

Companies with smaller budgets typically use Google Adwords as they can use this platform with minimal effort. This type of Google Adwords will not be suitable for small businesses because Google Adwords is very costly compared to social media ads. But we can show ads to people who have already visited the website through the re-marketing campaign. when you have less competition and CPC is very less you can promote your small business in google AdWords

How Google Adwords works and Fundamentals

Google adwords is working based on pay per click model means marketers targets specific keywords on search engines and make
bids on the keyword.

The bids you make are “maximum bids” — or the maximum you’re willing to pay for an ad.
For example, if your maximum bid is INR 100 and Google decides that your cost per click is INR60, then you get that ad placement! If they determine that it’s more than INR 100, you do not get the ad placement.

Advantages of Google Adwords for small businesses:

1) It’s free to set up, with no minimum commitment required.

With just a few clicks and some basic information, you can set up your free account with Clear-Voice. You don’t need to commit to anything or give any credit card information.

2) You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so it’s an affordable option for any size budget.

PPC ads are a great, affordable option for any size budget. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money. Plus Google ads can be set-up in hour, so it’s an easy way to get your business started without having to spend a lot of time or money upfront.

3) You can start with a small budget and scale up as needed without worrying about any upfront costs or commitments.

With a small initial investment, you can get started and scale up as needed without worrying about any upfront costs or commitments. Again am telling google ads is not suitable for all small business because some keywords very high CPC value those business owners please do SEO and Hire Social Media Marketing with minimal cost.

4) You can easily target customers in specific geographic locations or based on their interests

There are a growing number of tools that help businesses target specific customers in the market. With these tools, the business can easily collect data on customers’ demographics and interests. This data is then used by the marketing team to develop customized marketing strategies.

For Example: If you want to specific location in Bangalore we can target 1 or 2 location to promote your small business

How to use Google Adwords for your Business Growth?

Google Adwords is a great way to make money from home. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to advertise your business online. It offers you the opportunity to run your ads on Google properties, including Google Search, YouTube, G mail, and more. You can also target customers on the go with Google’s mobile ad network. If you are blogger or Affiliate marketing you can use Google Ad words effectively to drive traffic to your blog.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can use automated bidding so you don’t have to worry about adjusting bids manually.
  • You can use conversion tracking so that you can see which ads are performing well and which ones aren’t.
  • You can use re-marketing lists for targeted advertising campaigns.It’s easy and quick to get set up with Google Adwords!

Types of Google Ads & What They Mean For Your Business

There are many different types of Google Ads, and each one has a different use case for your business. The two most common types of ads are search ads, display ads and shopping ads.

Search ads: allow you to create an ad that will be displayed on the search engine results page when someone searches for a keyword or phrase that you specify in your ad.

Shopping ads allow you to show your product on Google’s e-commerce sites, such as Google Shopping or Google Express, when people are browsing products in those sites’ categories that match what you’ve selected in your campaign settings.

display ads: Display Ad campaigns are image ads that show up on websites and apps. This type of ad campaign is good for driving sales, brand awareness, product consideration, expanding your reach beyond search results, and re-marketing to new and existing customers.


Google Ad words is a powerful digital marketing tool that can help you reach your industry’s target audience and exceed your marketing goals. It’s important to use it as one of your many tools in order to maximize your ROI.To get started, you just need to create an account and set up a Google Ad words campaign. If you need to help or start promote your business Hire PPC Experts to Run successful campaign.

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