Digital marketing has many exciting topics in this post and will discuss the benefits of Local SEO. Nowadays, many small business owners are struggling to survive due to online competition.

Online business owners primary goal are to increase web traffic and generate leads from search engines.

Ok thats fine then

How to increase web traffic and increase sales

When it comes to sales, I will tell you one crucial point. For example, you take any product or services, consumers have a lot of questions and clarification on that product. So people will try to solve those doubts with the help of search engines.

suppose you are going to solve queries via any content like a blog post or videos consumers automatically buy your product 

So here what I am say solving customer queries to convert any customer into sales.

Why Local SEO is essential to your business

In digital marketing have a lot of types to promote your business like PPCsocial media marketingorganic SEO and content marketing. Even digital marketing companies offer various services, but one crucial Niche is trendy called Local SEO.

In recent days, stats say local SEO performs very well compared to other paid media, especially mobile.

So Local SEO is essential, especially for small business.

You know already About SEO. Local SEO is part of that, and the internet provides a lot of source about Organic SEO because this post entirely dedicated to Local SEO lovers.

So, where this local SEO plays a significant role, suppose you are running a small hotel or photo studio or any local business you have local store or shops.

This kind of small businesses can quickly generate leads using Google My business.

you already know SEO is an inclusive term and competitive too, but Local SEO job is increasing your 

visibility in local searches 


Moreover, 88% of search queries from local search results from mobile queries are coming from local maps results.

Note: Those queries are pure transactional queries 

Benefits of Local SEO Services

1.Easily create a Local profile 

You already heard google my business and local SEO are identical; it will work with similar local directories like Justdial or Sulekha. Whatever your local business, SEO is a perfect choice for small business except for online E-commerce. 

2. It Completely free 

Most importantly, you don’t spend a single penny anyone creates, and it is entirely free. You don’t need a website to google my business because they provide free websites to fill in your business information like phone numbers and address etc.

3.Increase your online visibility

You can increase local visibility in Bangalore and target a specific area, Koramangala or Indiranagar. People will search like medical shops near me in this area, so google will show three-pack results for any local shops to purchase. So now you think this month how many local searches you did like icecreams near me like that most probably you will purchase a product that’s the power of local SEO.

4.Reviews and Rating

Possible to show your product positive side because consumers will cross-check your reviews and ratings on various platforms like social media or google my business. In this way, you can increase trust in your company.

5.Target local business

Suppose you are providing any quality services with optimizing google my business. In such a case, you can target local business and perform better than your competitors.

6.Attract New customers

with the help of suitable rating and reviews, you can increase n number of new customer you know when you 

have good reviews, google will push to the top in map results.

7. More conversation Rates

Another essential point to mention here is to ask any PPC strategies; they will agree that local SEO performs better than any paid results. Even google agree PPC is 2% provides conversation rates.

Already I mention Local primary searches perform in mobiles, and those queries are transactional, not information queries.

8.Increase Reputation

You can increase your business reputation, but sometimes it will affect negatively due to negative reviews.

So now, you will understand the benefits of local SEO to perform your small business. 

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