This post will discuss what types of digital marketing are available in the market. In today’s world, digital marketing has become a crucial part of companies’ overall marketing strategy. Here am not going too deep into the importance of digital marketing because you search for digital marketing types, so you know a bit about digital marketing. Some people called digital marketing or online marketing, whatever people called. It allows companies to send messages to reach a particular audience, and it’s likely to market directly to people who are likely to be engaged in their product.

Digital marketing is an important platform. Nowadays, every set of people, like urban or rural, is using and depends on the internet.

For example:

They are using search engines or youtube(video content) and gather information about products. So you know I will tell one secret about how people purchase online even before buying any services customers will learn about that product or services using the internet.

Even they need any local services in your city, they use the internet and solve their queries with the help of search engines.

When it comes to digital marketing, everyone will list SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, or Content Marketing. But my point of view, even tv advertisements, radio ads, or banner ads, everything consider digital marketing.

why I mention offline advertising think any popular brands (i given on your hand) they will not depend only on online marketing they will do offline advertisement also 

You can see many brand advertising on TV and social media also.

But it depends on product and services, but digital marketing is a measurable one. 

Here I will mention all types of digital marketing you can pick which one is suitable for you.

1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


SEO involves many activities; first, we start On-page activities like competition analysis, keyword research and then followed by off-page activities like link building, etc. SEOS’ major goal is ranking top position in search engines for selected keywords. Digital marketing provides various platforms, but SEO is less expensive and better than any digital advertising platform.

But the only drawbacks are SEO will take time. When you need long-term quality results, SEO is the best choice and suggested marketing niche too.

  • SEO Is a Primary Source of Leads
  • SEO Brings Higher Close Rates and Conversion Rate
  • SEO lowers advertising costs
  • SEO is best for Local Marketing

2. pay per click(PPC)


PPC or google ads, or AdWords are all the same. PPC is another marketing platform to promote your business through search engines. You can start today your PPC campaign the next day, your Website will visible in the top position and generate Traffic, But PPC is completely paid results you should pay every click.

when you want to generate instant results and Traffic, PPC is a wonderful choice 

  • PPC Boosts Instant Traffic to your Website
  • You Only Pay when the user Clicks your ads
  • PPC Can Increase Brand Recognition with Remarketing

3.Content marketing


Everyone telling content importance but why we use content marketing and what are benefits content have. In content marketing, you can share any piece of information that will use both sides. Business owners will have sales, and consumers will gather information through the content and buy your products.

Every content goal is different, like increase subscription, sales, trust, and branding.

You can produce content like written content(blog post), video, infographic, and audio content like the podcast.

Good content marketing should create value and educate our audience, not push direct sales. I will tell you one simple point when you build strong relationships through content; it will naturally increasing awareness and sales.

your content is usefull, engaging and solve consumer queries they will share on social media and increase your search engine visibility.

Before starting content, you should research keywords and content ideas because content marketing is not produced fruit immediately; it will work on long-term results.

  • You become a reliable source for information
  • Content marketing Keep Low costs techniques 
  • Increase Traffic and conversions
  • Build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty

4. social media marketing 


Every set of people is very active in social media to spend a minimum of 2 hours per day watching posts on Facebook and videos on youtube. That’s why every brand focus on social media to promote and increase brand awareness. Social media is paid ads; you can focus on your customers on a location basis.

  • you can increase brand awareness
  • you can increase reviews and rating
  • you can interact with customers
  • Increase Inbound Traffic
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings.

5. Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is a multi-channel advertising platform that can target tablets or smartphone users. We can reach them via websites, SMS, MMS, email, or social media platforms. In recent survey shows mobile users are increasing day by day compare to desktop users.

 Mobile marketing is all-rounder, how content marketing and SEO are working big in long-term goals. On another side, PPC is short-term, giving you instant leads.

But mobile marketing will solve both short and long-term goals because every age of people having smartphones and mobile phone usage was huge.

Minimum all set of people 2 hours mobile like social media or Netflix.

  • Location and personalization
  • Instant transactions 
  • Allows You to Reach a Global Audience 

So, whatever your product, when you target mobile users, the sale will grow double. 

6. Viral marketing

My view is whatever goes Viral like content, videos, or any form of content called viral marketing. everyone loves memes, and people react instant because memes have a small piece of the message with entertainment, so this is the key to success in viral marketing 

Very soon, we plan a set of memes to improve our social media presence and fan followers.

  • Viral marketing is one of the cost-free methods for promoting a business transaction.
  • Going viral spreads your message and your brand much further than you might expect.
  • On youtube, short videos are very popular now.

7. Radio and TV Ads

Radio and TV Ads are old marketing strategies, and nowadays are youtube is booming, but people still love to use Radio and Tv to entertain themselves. Already I mention big brands are still depending Tv because they consider this platform is good for brand building.

when comes Tv ads Creativity is the backbone you know how much popular Vodafone zoo-zoo ad and still zoo-zoo have a repeat audience 

So creativity is very important for this kind of ad. 

  • Viewers watching In-between advertisement
  • you can reach regional, national, or international levels

What my final words, just think about yourself how many purchases you made without using the internet, then think about your Online presence easily you will find a solution.

Here I mention types of digital marketing that help to improve your business. You know your business in and out, so decide and active any platforms which are really suited to you. We at Bangaloredigitalmarketing provides suitable digital marketing services with an affordable budget

types of digital marketing
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