Top Free Directory Submission Sites List 2023

Free Directory submission sites are websites where you can submit your website to be included in a search engine. There are many free directory submission sites to choose from, but some of the more popular ones include SubmitMySite, Web directories, and Directory Submission Services.

Before submitting your site to a directory, check the submission guidelines and ensure your site meets all the requirements.

Many reputable sites offer submission services, and most have simple submission forms. Fill out the form and provide the necessary information, and will add your title to the directory.

Here is a list of directory submission sites I have used to help search engines rank my website. You can post on these sites or any others you choose. Remember to submit your site to as many directories as possible if you want it to do well. If your site is listed in many directories, it will have a better chance of ranking well on a search engine.

I have previously used the sites listed below to submit my sites to directories. This is not a complete list; there are many other sites where you can submit your task. Please keep in mind that I don’t update this list myself, so please let me know if any links need to be changed. Enjoy!

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