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graphic designing is a creative side of work that means you should analyze and imagine how we present design in visualization mode. graphic design has wonderful carrier growth opportunities many companies need skillful graphic designers to create a logo, brochures, flyers, visiting cards, letterhead, envelope, and social media designs. we are allocated the best graphic designing courses in Bangalore to join with us and enjoy the super income and live in a creative world. In this short term graphic designing training in Bangalore help you to develop your design skills to explore your creativity and design ideas.

Graphic designing promising a lot of opportunities because people using a lot of digital things. every year design industries changing rapidly and improving the standard of growth to provide a better design to solve the problem. each and every industry like an advertising agency, marketing company, real estate, consumer products, and industrial design something to shine and promote their services with the help design and marketing.

Our graphic design courses in Bangalore going to cover the fundamentals of graphic designing size, line, color theory, value, shape, texture, design elements, typography, scanning, color correction, and printing.


Before joining a graphic design institute you must know what graphic designers do what are the role they will play. First of all, as a graphic designer, you must create visual concepts and communicate ideas that inspire consumers.

They handle multi-task but we mention here top 5

  • Graphic designers meet clients and grab all information about projects and inform art director.
  • They create designs using photo editing software, illustrations using vector software.
  • Right use of graphic design elements and design well balanced layouts.
  • graphic designers must collaborate writers, web developer to present various designs.
  • They do strong understanding of branding and communication design.


WEB DESIGN COMPANY: Many web design companies including Bangalore are hiring graphic cum web designers like who is handle to take care of creating web banner, logos, web icons, image design, PSD web template. just check any job skills and description they clearly include both skills, suppose you are web designer or developer you must learn graphic designing skills. now days web design is visually appealing includes well graphic design elements.

AD AGENCY: Ad agencies are depending on creative designers to creative theirs clients project but majorly ad agency will hire not freshers but they will you chance for an internship once you will get an internship you will get know-how ad agency works what are the role graphic designers play in ad agencies

you know ad agency eager to hire talented graphic designers in Bangalore just join us build a portfolio and grab opportunities.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANY/AGENCIES: Social media marketing companies or agencies almost have similar kinds of working styles like ad agency but social media companies mainly hire social media creative designs their main motto is to spread the message with great designs to attract large set of social audiences. social media company expects from your creative design with strong conceptual skills and strong usage of layout and typography.

PRINTING COMPANY/INDUSTRIES: The printing company is working very hard it’s not just word really they handle multiple tasks in the printing industry like logo , flyers or brochure design. you want to join any printing company you must prepare yourself strong design software skills like CorelDraw, photoshop, Pre-press visualizing skills, time management skills, handling direct client projects skills, presenting the print-ready file to clients, etc.

You are willing to work well with tight deadlines and handle multiple projects.

MAGAZINE COMPANY: Magazine design company prefer who is handling perfect layouts, positive and detailed oriented graphic designers. usually, they hire fresher for cut images using the pen tool in photoshop after the experience you will work for higher position magazine company.

The graphic design industry is growing rapidly you can see many designs in road side like hoarding, banner, advertising banner and flex, other hands you will see a lot of designs in social media those design are created by graphic designers to improve sales and branding.


Once you decide to do graphic design this question will arise on your mind as a fresher in the graphic design field how much the company will pay? because you spend time and money but here we explore what one graphic designer will earn exactly join in any of the above companies.

  • On average skilled graphic designers fresher may earn Rs 15,000 to 18,000.
  • Experienced graphic designers like 3 to 4 years will earn Rs 30,000 to 45,000.
  • Senior graphic designers earn more based on company they will earn some graphic start their own agency also.

Graphic designing course FAQ

what is graphic designing?
In simple graphic design is the art and create visual designs to communicate messages.

Does really graphic design course have a good scope?
yes, graphic designers have huge demand but the company needs skilled one even digital marketing companies need talented graphic designers to create an eye-catchy design to promote their campaigns like landing pages, social media posters, etc.

why you should learn graphic design?
Graphic designing jobs are unique and creative work. many industries are convert into artificial intelligence suppose you need a contents machine, you know you can create any kind of website without coding with help of page builders. again graphic design is human-related creative work humans will think, brainstorm do hand made design work but robot or machine cant handle those works.

Why Graphic designing courses are important?
Graphic design plays a very big role in any industry. many businesses need quality graphic design and designers to create impressive marketing material. graphic designers create a piece of designs that will engage and enhance sales, define the brand name, and convey a message.

What kind of Role is there for graphic designers?
Graphic designers are playing any role in the design industry like product package designing, image editor, UI designer, visual image designer, logo designers, social media designer, Illustrator, web designer, etc.

How to Become a Graphic Designer on my own?
Yes you may think there is a lot of free tutorials are available in online so anyone can be a graphic designer but there you may learn basics of graphic design and how to use graphic design tools but only learning tools is not enough to do quality designs even many self-made graphic designers are struggling because they did not develop own design style and not build on the online portfolio, they don’t have much knowledge in theory like color.

Join us we are ready to teach you very passionate and simple way how to build that above knowledge and we help you to land a perfect entry-level graphic design position.

Graphic designers must have qualities?
Once you decide to do graphic designing training you must have qualities are creativity, time management skills, consistency, communication skills, problem-solving (this is very important)learn from criticism, passion, etc.

Difference between graphic design and animation?
Graphics and animation are played a creative role. graphic designers will in any office or graphic design studio we explain more about graphic designs and their role.

An animator is used to creating video games, animated videos. an animator must have storyboard and drawing skills to create a character then illustrate it then convert into live characters.

Difference between graphic design and UI UX?
Why questions are rising because both are using similar design tools but both play differently.

graphic designers will work in any office or graphic design studio already we explain more about graphic designs and their role above you can read.

UX focuses on login and structure one UX designer will do research and analyze includes user behavior, user experience, create a buyer persona.

After UX research number of days or month UI person will focus on the look and feel of the design like typography, spacing, color, etc UI designer job almost similar like graphic design.

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